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A nice compilation of Bill Dance!

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When walking through your local tackle shop, do all of the new hooks, lures, and lines have you seeing red? Currently, some debate exists on whether or not the color red is a good option for fishing. In one corner, there is the theory that the color red will simulate blood causing reaction strikes from game fish. On the other side, is the science saying that red is invisible under water. So what is your belief?

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Good how-to video if you are having trouble casting your bait caster!


Known by many names (minnow baits, plugs, Shad Raps, etc.) crankbaits are a vital piece if equipment for any angler. That is also the key to knowing their secret: crankbaits are considered equipment and not just another lure. And as with other fishing equipment you have, such as your rod and reel, or your boat and motor, you will need to maintain your crankbaits.

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