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There are so many different accessories on the market for anglers to buy for their boats. All of the toys and bits can add up to a small fortune, and one that you may not have after your boat purchase. So what do you really want to look at getting first, to make the most of your dollars on the water?

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Almost anyone that has ever put on a backpack, knows the frustration of needing an item that is buried at the bottom of their pack, while deep in the trail. No packing order will allow you to reach absolutely everything easily at any time; however, a little bit of pre-trip planning can go a long way.
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When walking through your local tackle shop, do all of the new hooks, lures, and lines have you seeing red? Currently, some debate exists on whether or not the color red is a good option for fishing. In one corner, there is the theory that the color red will simulate blood causing reaction strikes from game fish. On the other side, is the science saying that red is invisible under water. So what is your belief?

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Just as there are different wrenches for different bolts, there are different rods and reels for different lures. And although you are able to use almost any rod and reel to fish, your productivity can end up much less than anticipated. So, if you feel a sense of dread as you walk into your local tackle shop to look for a new rod, I hope this article will help you.

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